Friday, 29 March 2013


A non-linear randomised film that exists as an app for iOS6 and android. A project by FIELD made with collaborators for the sequences and sounds.

The intentions and engine behind this film are very elegant and the film becomes increasingly complex the more times you watch it, or rather watch reiterations of the stories parsed and remixed.

'The stories of Energy Flow are interwoven into unique sequences through a generative software called Composer. The bespoke system developed by FIELD, seamlessly re-combines ever-different combinations of film and sound, to create the 1,000 iterations of the Energy Flow stories. Each pre-produced audio and visual asset in Energy Flow is stored in a library database and meta-tagged to indicate its place in a narrative arc. The Composer software, a system of many interacting rules, generates a unique narrative curve for each film and fills it with assets from the library.' 

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