Sunday, 12 May 2013


Noah Smith via Paul Krugman. 

Noah Smith has compiled 'Science Fiction Novels for Economists' which Paul Krugman (nobel prize 2008) comments on and modifies.

'Really, most science fiction is about economics. What makes most future visions interesting is not just the technical particulars of the cool new Stuff, but the social ramifications. Here are some of the sci-fi books that I thought dealt with important economic issues in the most insightful and interesting ways. I also chose only books that I think are well-written, with well-conceived characters, engaging plots, and skillful writing.'

Smith, Krugman and Unit 15 use Sci Fi as a powerful way of looking at and thinking on what was, what is and what might be.

If you want to know something of the economical and political world around you (and you should want to), read Paul Krugman's vibrant and pungent blog.

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