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An index of geographical names from the wonderful and strange Canvey Cyclopaedia. For example:

Ray, le; Ray, la     derivation: Hadleigh Ray (the sandbank, not the creek) so called in 1412
Ray Close     derivation: nr above; location: SB/WW/E-W; connexions: off Craven Av
Ray Gut     derivation: gut in this instance = sea-road; location: between Two Tree Island & Canvey Point

Richeresnesse;     (1238 ‘Cura Regis Rolls’ where Thomas de Camville, Lord of Fobbing, claimed this marsh from Robert de Sutton);
Richilinesse:     (1238);
Richilnes;     (1200);
Richness;     (1548 ‘Calendar of Patent Rolls’)
Richness Marsh     (1200)
Ridings, The     derivation: divn of Yorks (‘thirdings’); location: SB/WW/N/N-S; connexions: cl N off Hilton Rd
Rikereners;     (1200, when gained from Henry de Essex by Thomas de Camville’s grandfather in Henry II’s time);
Rikeresnesse;     (1201 ‘Curia Regis Rolls’)
Rikersness     (1200 ‘Curia Regis Rolls’).
Rio Cinema     opened in 1937 as CI’s 1st purpose-blt cinema, dominated the new parade of shops in Furtherwick Rd. By my time degraded to the inevitable bingo hall.

Sea Horse      derivation : a mud-hill islet (Anglo-Saxon horsc) in Hole Haven Crk; location : neither Upper nor Lower Horse so presumably one of those insignificant even smaller islets; history : important enough to be mentioned by Morant as having been dsf by Sir Henry Appleton in 1563.

Thorndon Creek     derivation : possibly from the landlord’s mainland manor at Thorndon Hall, n appears on 1777 map, ltr changed to Thorny Crk, then, after walling, Thorney Bay; history : before the sea-walls were built this was a substantial waterway into CI originally wide & marshy, inland remains of which are alongside Caravan Pk.; most important of the N-S creeks, attracted prehistoric visitors (Red Hills III, IV, VII, VIII, X, XII) & became S extremity of Hundreds Boundary between Barstable & Rochford. Ran through Thorndon salting as far N as Long Rd & also radiated W to Scarhouse & E to Furtherwick Rd.
Thorney Bay     derivation : corruption of above; history : early artifacts dating from 2nd, 3rd  & 4th centuries found here - & RH off Deadman’s Pt dating at least to Rom occupation. Wooden gate let into the wall gave access to the jetty where crops loaded here at high tide onto barges, from stone embankment to one side of Bay; gate & jetty disappeared in the ‘50s after the Great Flood; location : NB/WW

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