Tuesday, 12 November 2013


At midnight, not very long ago, an unforeseen island appeared five hundred metres or so from the coast of Abu Dhabi. Many diverse minds joined to wonder at this atoll, what it might mean and what to do. At length it was decided to found a utopia, an exemplar of post scarcity culture, an estravaganza of fused and con-fused ideals. The elements of this compounding were to be culture, education and pleasure. Stellar institutions were summoned to this new Versailles to play and display, amongst them the Louvre, the Guggenheim and NYUAD*. The many guests have only to aggrandize this paragon and put away childish ideas. Many architects of repute were called upon to design these cultural bumbershoots including Zaha Hadid, Foster + Partners, Jean Nouvel and Frank Gehry. 

This '27 square kilometre, multi-faceted island features a wide range of luxury-based experiences, including hospitality, leisure and retail while also providing a top quality address to call home as well as world-renowned educational opportunities - all just 500 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi.'  **

*  (New York University Abu Dhabi - annual student fee $65,300)

Photo - Jean Nouvel. Louvre Abu Dhabi

Should you desire a top quality address:

** http://www.saadiyat.ae/en/about/about-saadiyat-island.html