Thursday, 9 January 2014

' In Search of UIQ: It took forever getting ready to exist Part 1 '

A film by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson

at the showroom January 30th to February 2nd

'In Search of UIQ unfolds the story of philosopher Felix Guattari’s attempts to produce a science-fiction blockbuster from his original screenplay, Un Amour d’UIQ (UIQ in Love). Guattari's script imagines a hyper-intelligent, invisible, protean life force dubbed UIQ (Infra-quark Universe) that makes contact with a community of outsiders while simultaneously causing havoc to global communications networks as it begins to develop consciousness. Guattari began work on Un Amour d'UIQ at the beginning of the 1980s – collaborating at one time with the independent filmmaker Robert Kramer – and his radical vision for a subversive ‘popular’ film would occupy him on and off for the next seven years.

In Search of UIQ sees Maglioni & Thomson reveal key moments in the development of Guattari’s ambitious project. The film has three movements: the first evokes the prehistory of Guattari's previous film projects around the free radio and the Italian autonomist movements; the second is part documentary and part fiction and reenacts Guattari as an unlikely alien visitor in Hollywood; and the final movement enfolds the artists research into Guattari’s archive around the enigmatic figure of a Finnish filmmaker who appears to have his own plans for the Un Amour d’UIQ script.'

Film, text, time, place