Friday, 21 February 2014


Passion, Anger, Alcohol, Architecture. Light your fuse and burn with Ian Nairn.

"He writes like a man who was doomed from the start" Jonathan Meades
"A kind of shock therapy through Europe" Description of Ian Nairn tracing the route of the Orient Express

"Space here is made so tangible that you can experience for the price of a bus ticket to the City the super-reality of the mystics, or mescalin ..." On Nicholas Hawksmoor's St. Mary Woolnoth
"The man hating car"
"If man does not blow himself up, he might in the end act at all times and on all levels with the complete understanding of this room" Regarding John Soane's breakfast room
Brighton is what London might be like if the duchess, the spiv and the cockney were left and the great grey middle was rinsed away.”
"This bank that has been constrained into an idle grid"
"Sheer horror: A Francis Bacon shriek in the affluent, uncomplicated surroundings at the end of Abbey Road" and its bay window "like the carapace of a science-fiction insect." 77 Langford Road
"A pub has robustness and vitality"
"...a narrow passage which distills that great man's imagination in a more personal and direct way than any of his better buildings." On Hawksmoor's compressed Petra of a soot streaked passage beside St. George, Bloomsbury

BBC4 - "The Man who Fought the Planners. The...". See and Enjoy
Roger Ebert, the film critic on Ian Nairn
Ian Nairn film clips
photograph of St. Mary Woolnoth
photograph of Ian Nairn by Peter Baistow