Wednesday, 23 April 2014



GSVs* generally have little resemblance to traditional 'Architecture School' design expectations, as they are enveloped in multitudes of fields which allow them to dispense with anything resembling an outer protective hull or shell, instead often being covered with parks and outside buildings. Their layers serve different purposes - from atmosphere containment, foreign object barriers and sensory input/signalling to traction fields for interstellar movement.

…the School is, in other words, an immensely, intrinsically, and inexhaustibly interesting place; an intellectual playground for visionaries that know everything except fear and what lies hidden within the next uncharted stellar system.


* GSV ~ Galactic School of Visionaries

The Crit space
South staircase, Crit space on left, gallery on right
An architecture studio of about 60 metres by 8 metres
Inner courtyard linking the School to the Library
St. Alphege's by Nicholas Hawksmoor
Library staircase bisecting 3 floors and 6 miles of shelves
Moving the Hawksmoor into place
An under ground of lecture theatres, editing suites and TV studio
Lecture theatre 1
Lecture theatre 2
Rather good duct tape door handles


There are also 14 roof terraces and multitudes of other rare sensations. It is very, very exciting here.


text paraphrased from Iain M. Banks

para 1 'The Player of Games'

para 2 'A Few Notes on the Culture'


with permission from and thanks to Osborne and also many thanks to Adele Brooks and Michelle Osborne

And thank you to the designers, Heneghan Peng