Monday, 19 May 2014

A Touch of Evil ~ Editing

1958 ~ 95" ~ 111" (1998) ~ 108" (1975) ~ 112" (directors cut) ~ 106" (DVD) ~ 111" (restored)

Director ~ Orson Welles

Camera ~ Russell Metty

Aspect ratio ~ 1.37:1

All the directing, choreography of people, camera choreography, lighting and editing has been done on paper before filming. This is a single take. The first edit is at 3' 19". Watch the first link for the sheer elaborate beauty of this sequence. And the abrupt first edit. The second link is slightly longer, better quality but spoilt by the film studios logo prior to the film, at least when wanting to see the first shot in isolation. It does show though how adding unnecessary footage spoils a film (or sequence), in this case footage before and after the single take and single edit.

Intro sequence

Longer version