Sunday, 18 May 2014

Two Lane Blacktop ~ Editing

1971 ~ 102"

Director ~ Monte Hellman

Cast ~ The driver, The mechanic, GTO, The girl, Texas hitchhiker.

The first five seconds are beautiful. This clip is the intro sequence leading up to and including the credits. There are only twenty five picture edits in the two minutes and thirty five seconds to the beginning of the title graphics, the sound track however is more complex, it is dominant and is driving the narrative. Really watch and listen to how these three minutes and thirty three seconds have been compiled. Listen loud, the essence of the film is the homegrown blown V8. This clip is of a degenerated and poor quality which emphasises the sound and makes the picture more evocative and fugitive, adding strangely to this particular night scene. The production photos show some of the armatures of cinema and how improvised they are. Make what you need out of what you can lay your hands on. The exquisite car both starring and carrying the camera and crew is a primer grey '55 Chevy gasser. Monte Hellman also made what has become an oddly obscure film called Cockfighter, for many possible reasons not the least of which is being so refreshingly un-pc. Well worth watching. Many animals died in the making of that film.