Sunday, 3 March 2013


BBC4 iPlayer for 6 days

The first 5.30 minutes are about Maritime Greenwich, our campus. Built on the site of the Palace of Placentia, 'the principal buildings are King Charles Court (the oldest part dating back to the restoration), completed in 1705; Queen Mary Court (planned by Wren and Hawksmoor, but not built until after Wren's death, by Thomas Ripley), completed in 1742; Queen Anne Court (architects: Wren and Hawksmoor), and King William Court (designed by Wren, but completed by Hawksmoor and Sir John Vanbrugh)'. The scheme is divided to form an avenue from the river to the already existing Queen's House designed by Inigo Jones which had introduced Palladiansism to England (1616 - 1619 1629 - 1635). These buildings are overseen by the Royal Observatory (Chistopher Wren 1675 - 1676) built on the foundations of, and with recycled materials from, Duke Humphrey's Tower. This pragmatism accounts for the Observatory being aligned 13 degrees away from true north.

Also in the programme are Nicholas Hawksmoor's London churches including St. Alfege Greenwich (1712 - 1718). St. Alfege is directly opposite the new School of Architecture building.!_From_St_Peters_to_St_Pauls_Episode_3/ 

photograph copyright Gillard-Reid