Thursday, 21 November 2013


Lecture     Avery Hill     20:11     18:14     19:48


Saatchi Gallery, County Hall, 2003 *
Saatchi Gallery, Boundary Road, 1991 **
Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, 2008, ***
Matt's Gallery, 1987 ****

"A room that's trying to do what the Tardis does"

"Each one (installation of 20:50) does something different, this one delivered bigness (Saatchi Gallery, Boundary Road)"

"My work demonstrates the hiccup between the eye and the brain"

"I designed each one and fine tuned it (talking about each installation of 20:50)"

"I baby sit it to perfection (my work)"

"I drove to the nearest village and I scrabbled around and scavenged dustbins and found a shoebox...It (the model) was fresh. It was raw (on the urgent need to make the first model for 20:50 as soon as having the idea on a Sunday without tools or materials in the Algarve)"

"You don't view the window, you view the view beyond the window"

"A gravity animated caravan"

"Take a moment of a structure that talks about something much greater" 

"Weep itself back into the river"

"If architectures are not available I take a man made structure"

"I don't trust ideas that come to me half a day"

"My favourite space is the one that allows me to do what I want"

"The problem had to be the solution"

"Use the problem as a way out of the problem"

"It's not a gantry, it's a sculpture"

"When can a window be a door? When can a door be a roof?"

"Orange peel a Piaggio"

"I've made architecture animated and made it a slow moving event"

"This town was surplus to requirements and dying (Folkestone)"

"I've had absolutely no contact with the architects, they've been OK"

"I'm not an architect, you're not a sculptor. You make the building and I'll tamper with it"

"Where I work is in the area of spectacle and surprise"

"I take and I undo and I reveal"

"I'm playing in a fantasy world with real stuff"