Tuesday, 19 November 2013


'Il Trionfo del nome di Gesù' - 1679

Giovanni Battista Gaulli

Chiesa Del Gesù

From the final sketch to a nave of wonders. Limits and borders liquefy, vitality deranges equilibrium.

Gaulli's nave masterpiece, the "Triumph of the Sacred Name of Jesus" (also known as the WorshipAdoration, or Triumph of the Holy Name of Jesus), is an allegory of the work of the Jesuits that envelops worshippers (or observers) below into the whirlwind of devotion. Swirling figures in the dark distal (entry) border of the composition frame base the open sky, ever rising upward toward a celestial vision of infinite depth. The light from Jesus' name - IHS - and symbol of the Jesuit order is gathered by patrons and saints above the clouds; while in the darkness below, a fusillade of brilliance scatters heretics, as if smitten by blasts of the last judgement. The great theatrical effect here inspired and developed under his mentor *, prompted critics to label Gaulli a "Bernini in paint" or a "mouthpiece of Bernini's ideas"